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Tubal Blocks  » »  Case 1 (Anovulatory cycles with bilateral tubal block)
A female aged about 28years came to our hospital with a complaint of ANOVULATORY CYCLE with bilateral tubal block. . She had left side para ovarian cyst of 11.1mm.Her hormone levels are at lower side boarder levels, which indicate hormonal abnormality. She had complaint of bilateral fimbrial block/spasm, which is also one of the reason for her infertility. She used so many medication, she could not find any improvement in her complaint. After coming to us we have observed all her complaint and started treatment by considering her constitution. Because homoeopathy is a constitutional based treatment, after few months of our treatment she conceived .It means Her hormones levels became normal and her bilateral tubal block was also removed.Here we are presenting her pregnancy reports.
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